American consumer electronic companies paid a near record $1.3 billion in warranty claims during just one quarter of 2011. Drops and vibrations contributed to the damage for devices like cell phones, e-readers, tablets as well as scientific electronics including clock oscillators and crystal resonators.. Even though damage may not be immediate, repeated drops and exposure to vibrations accumulate, leading to broken solder joints and cracked circuit boards. As devices become smaller, their components also become smaller and more fragile, and their proximity to other components is closer than ever. Nonetheless, “Did you drop it?” is a common question for users expecting warranty service. Impact monitors placed inside devices or outside on packaging can answer that question objectively, providing the evidence manufacturers need to determine responsibility for damage.

ShockWatch Solutions

ShockWatch Tube
ShockWatch Tubes can be embedded directly into products to record impacts as they are used.

ShockWatch 2
ShockWatch 2 impact indicators provide basic, tamperproof impact data when pre-determined impact thresholds between 5 and 25Gs are experienced.

ShockWatch Flex impact indicators mount on curved or irregular surfaces and turn red when impact tolerances are exceeded.

ShockLog 298
ShockLog 298 records the date and time of up to 870 shock and vibration events, providing times of incidents as well as summary data during use, storage, and shipping.

g-View features sensors to record date, time, internal temperature, axis exceeded, and axis amplitude of impacts.