Impact/Tilt Indicators and Recorders

As a global leader in the production of precision impact indicators and recorders, ShockWatch has developed a comprehensive line of devices that introduce accountability and oversight into the shipping and handling stages of your supply chain.

Used in conjunction with companion tools, ShockWatch impact indicators and recorders provide a prominent visual deterrent to mishandling. By registering potentially damaging impact events during transit, indicators and recorders allow supply chain managers to identify and respond to potential shipping hazards.

Review our entire range of indicators and recorders to chose the best solution for your supply chain needs.

c Impact & Tilt Indicators

ShockWatch Label

Reduce supply chain mishandling with ShockWatch impact indicator labels that signal G-force trauma. Contact ShockWatch to learn about our impact sensing devices.

ShockWatch 2

ShockWatch 2 impact indicators are armable, tamperproof devices that provide indisputable evidence of damage to products during shipping and handling.

MAG 2000

MAG 2000 series of reusable, tamper-resistant impact sensors offer cost-effective solutions to protect cargo and vehicles from mishandling in shipping, handling, or use.


Whether the surface is curved or flat, the ShockWatch Flex mounts directly to a product and turns red when your own impact tolerances are exceeded.

ShockWatch Clip

Mounting ShockWatch’s indicator clips to shipments helps you target mishandling and make supply chain improvements.

ShockWatch Tube

ShockWatch® impact indicator tubes allow customers to embed impact sensing technology directly into their products.

TiltWatch Plus

The TiltWatch Plus tip sensing solution attaches to your shipments' exterior and indicates when unacceptable tilt has occurred.

TiltWatch XTR

TiltWatch XTR tip indicator is designed to monitor goods that must remain upright during shipping and storage.

t Impact & Environmental Recorders

ShockLog® 298

The ShockLog® 298 monitoring device offers advanced, programmable impact and environmental recorder technology for superior protection during use, storage or transit.

ShockLog® 248

ShockWatch’s programmable impact recorder measures and records up to 15 impact events. Optional environmental sensor capability provides expanded product protection.

ShockLog® 208

The ShockLog® 208 impact recorder is for applications that only require basic acceleration values to be reported.


g-View offers a simple impact recorder solution to monitor where assets have been mishandled in transport or storage.