ShockWatch 2
ShockWatch 2 impact indicators are armable, tamperproof devices that provide indisputable evidence of damage to products during shipping and handling.
Whether the surface is curved or flat, the ShockWatch Flex mounts directly to a product and turns red when your own impact tolerances are exceeded.
ShockWatch Label
Reduce supply chain mishandling with ShockWatch impact indicator labels that signal G-force trauma. Contact ShockWatch to learn about our impact sensing devices.
MAG 2000
MAG 2000 series of reusable, tamper-resistant impact sensors offer cost-effective solutions to protect cargo and vehicles from mishandling in shipping, handling, or use.
ShockWatch Clip
Mounting ShockWatch’s indicator clips to shipments helps you target mishandling and make supply chain improvements.
ShockWatch Tube
ShockWatch® impact indicator tubes allow customers to embed impact sensing technology directly into their products.

Impact Indicators

Impact Indicators for Packaging

A Shockwatch impact indicator is a highly-visible device that will activate when an impact level exceeds a predetermined level. Mounted on a packaging container, the device visually alerts everyone involved in the package handling process that additional care is required. There are 3 types of ShockWatch impact indicators for packaging:

A single-use device, available in five sensitivities. Designed around a proprietary tube that can also be affixed directly to a package, the Label is ShockWatch’s flagship device.

ShockWatch 2 
A single-use, go/no-go device that determines if fragile products have been dropped during transit or in storage. The indicators are field-armable, tamperproof devices that turn bright red when an impact beyond a specific threshold has occurred.

Mag 2000
A resettable, reusable indicator intended for large crates and shipments weighing over 500 pounds. MAG 2000 records the direction and angle of impact.

ShockWatch 2
Sensitivity Range
± 15%
± 15%
± 10%
Operating Temperature
-25 to 80℃
-25 to 80℃
-25 to 60℃
Tamperproof / Serialized
Tamperproof / Serialized
Tamper-resistant, Resettable
Shelf Life
2 years
2 years
2 years
3.8in x 3.8in / 96.52mm x 96.52mm
1.69in x 1.69in / 42.93mm x 42.93mm
2.5in x 2.4in / 63.5mm x 60.96mm

Impact Indicators for Products

The contents of a package will always experience less impact than the package because of the dampening characteristics of the package. Affixing an impact indicator directly on products allows you to more accurately determine if an impact was damaging to the product.

ShockWatch clips indicate if an impact has been experienced that could potentially result in misalignment and the need for recalibration. A ShockWatch tube alone can be incorporated directly into a product’s design rather than adhered to the product for applications that require embedding.

Benefits of all impact indicators:

  • Reduces mishandling during transportation or storage
  • Provides indisputable evidence of mishandling
  • Acts as a visual deterrent to improper handling
  • Alerts recipient to inspect contents before acceptance
  • Promotes chain of accountability for all product handling
  • Confirms effectiveness of packaging
  • Helps identify trouble spots in supply chain, from production to transportation and storage
  • Helps increase quality of product from dock to dock