Tilt Indicators & Recorders

ShockWatch tip and tilt indicators and recorders monitor sensitive products that may be exposed to unfavorable conditions during shipping, storage and usage. Indicators and recorders allow you to identify and compensate for particularly vulnerable segments of the supply chain while alerting shipping personnel to the presence of monitoring oversight.

With the aid of indicators and recorders, you can implement measures to reduce the likelihood of damage to carefully calibrated or sensitive equipment.

See our product line to determine the indicator or recorder that best suits your needs.

c Tilt Indicators

TiltWatch Plus

The TiltWatch Plus tip sensing solution attaches to your shipments' exterior and indicates when unacceptable tilt has occurred.

TiltWatch XTR

TiltWatch XTR tip indicator is designed to monitor goods that must remain upright during shipping and storage.

t Tilt Recorders

ShockLog 298

The ShockLog 298 monitoring device offers advanced, programmable impact and environmental recorder technology for superior protection during use, storage or transit.