WarmMark 2
WarmMark 2 indicates if your product has been exposed to unacceptably high temperature and shows the cumulative amount of time of the exposure.
WarmMark temperature indicators monitor whether a product has been exposed to temperatures above a predetermined threshold.
ColdMark indicates exposure to temperatures below a predetermined threshold by changing from clear to violet.
WarmMark Duo
Ideal for monitoring the vaccine cold chain, the WarmMark Duo monitors for temperature excursions above 10°C and 34°C.
WarmMark Long Run
Used to monitor products that can be out of temperature tolerance for extended periods of time (up to 7 days).

Temperature Indicators

Solutions to Drive Accountability in the Cold Chain

In the cold chain, an unacceptable temperature event can result in high product losses. Delays in the availability of replacement product can be damaging to a company’s reputation in the marketplace. Monitoring programs that communicate to handlers the sensitivity of a shipment can help prevent unacceptable events from ever happening. ShockWatch temperature indicators can play a role in these programs by:

  • Protecting product shelf life
  • Reducing packaging costs

ShockWatch temperature indicators are simple , single use solutions for monitoring your cold chain.  These devices provide a highly visible, easy to read indication of when your product has been exposed to temperatures that are too hot or too cold during transport or storage.  There are six different types of indicators.


  • Aids receivers in determining if product quality has been compromised
  • Provides evidence of exposure to unacceptable temperature conditions
  • Supports compliance with government standards and guidelines
  • Aids in maintaining quality of the product throughout transportation cycle
  • Identifies potential unacceptable product quality before delivery to end user
  • Helps identify trouble spots in storage and transportation
  • Can be used with existing packaging or as part of new package designs