TrekView Temperature Recorder
TrekView delivers wireless temperature recorder capabilities to monitor, analyze, document, and validate cold chain integrity from first mile to last.
TrekView for Dry Ice
TrekView Dry Ice is a single-use recorder that is designed for monitoring products in environments as cold as -80 degrees C.
TrekView DMS
TrekView Data Management System (DMS) is a web-hosted application that assists you in monitoring your cold chain and brings true intelligence to your supply chain.

Temperature Recorders

TrekView is a cost-effective cold chain monitoring product that ensures you know if your product has been exposed to unacceptable temperatures that could negatively affect product quality, safety or shelf life. With TrekView, you have the information you need to make changes to your processes which can drive a reduction in product loss during storage and/or shipping and handling, and improve your bottom line.

Powerful Information but Easy to Use & Train

Multiple data download methods and free software included for end-of-journey reporting

Temperature data can be downloaded using a desktop reader or direct connection to a computer. Once loaded onto the PC, the free TrekView Report Software provides at-a-glance interpretation of when excursions have occurred and allows you to generate summary reports, manage tag programming, view tag status, and set alerts. The software is designed to provide a graphical display of a tag’s recorded data and time-temperature profile in multiple formats: pie chart, curve, temperature distribution histogram, and tabular views of unit excursion data and gives users the option to drill in or get an overview of multiple tags.


  • Customizable settings, data access and monitoring methods
  • RFID capability allows scanning through packaging or shipping containers
  • Activate tags with the hand-held reader or the push of a button
  • Validated and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant reports
  • Automatically generate a PDF report of recorded tag data
  • NIST traceability