Cold Train Suspension Leaves Shippers Scrambling

When Cold Train Express Intermodal Service suspended operations in mid-August, shippers in the Pacific Northwest were left scrambling for ways to get just-harvested pears and apples to markets in 24 states and Ontario while the fruits are still at peak freshness. Standard intermodal rail is one option, but BNSF’s northern … read more /

Work with Insurers Before Things Go Wrong

Talking with an insurance agent before things go wrong is one of the most important steps supply chain professionals can take to mitigate supply chain risk. The reason is simple: With years of incident data, they know what works and which technologies are worthwhile. And, they’re willing to share that … read more /

Risk Management: Crossed Fingers Aren’t Sufficient

When dealing with supply chain risks, crossed fingers aren’t a solution. Yet, when juggling the competing demands of ensuring low costs, on-time deliveries, global regulatory compliance, client satisfaction and increasing revenue, it’s easy for risk mitigation to become a low priority. For example, a recent study by the University of … read more /

ShockWatch Launches New Web Store

ShockWatch, a manufacturer of impact, tilt and temperature monitors and data loggers, just opened its first online store. “The addition of this Web store makes it even easier for our clients to order the indicators or recorders they need, when they need them – even if it’s 3 AM at … read more /

ShockWatch Awarded GSA Contract

ShockWatch, a provider of impact, temperature and tilt monitors and indicators has just been awarded a contract with the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). This contract allows government agencies, including the U.S. military, to streamline their purchases from ShockWatch. “Now government agencies can purchase ShockWatch monitoring solutions directly from the … read more /

Supply Chain Risk Tops Business Concerns

The number one concern among international CEOs is supply chain failure, according to the recent 2014 Chubb Multinational Risk Survey. Supply chain risks trumped the year’s staggering cyber security breaches, global political upsets and increasing regulations. Chubb indicates that 52 percent of the U.S. and Canadian companies surveyed plan to … read more /

Harnessing the Human Factor

“We have families, too.” Many years ago, a Chicago-area grocery store used that statement in an ad campaign touting its attention to quality. The point applies to cargo handlers, too, yet, “Ninety-percent of all cold chain problems are due to human error,” according to Melissa Germain, assistant director of cold … read more /

New ColdMark2 Indicator Lowers Temperature Threshold to 0°C

ShockWatch just introduced a new version of the ColdMark2  that activates at a temperature threshold of 0°C.  With this new, lower temperature indicator, you’ll know conclusively whether your products were exposed to freezing, potentially damaging, temperatures. By understanding the actual conditions products experience, you gain the insights you need to … read more /

New ShockWatch Seafood Indicator Tracks Breaches Above 3°C

The new ShockWatch Seafood Indicator is designed specifically for seafood in reduced oxygen packaging. By indicating temperature breaches above 3°C, it assures shippers and seafood sellers that the seafood they sell their clients has been handled properly or, if temperature excursions occur, flags the products for greater scrutiny. The ShockWatch … read more /

Say Cheese!

Another video featuring a package delivery person behaving badly made the national news in April. This time the culprit worked not for an esteemed parcel delivery service but for the U.S. Postal Service. While the private services fired workers who chucked packages over fences and onto patios, the USPS disciplined … read more /