Monitoring Supports Continuous Improvement

It’s a common problem. Companies launch a LEAN improvement initiative, make progress, and then backslide. A year or two later they may be in a worse position than when they started the project. The problem, though, isn’t with LEAN. It’s with the sporadic nature of initiatives. Achieving continuous improvement takes … read more /

ShockWatch Acquires ShockLog Impact and Environmental Recorders

Media Recovery, Inc., a portfolio company of Capital Southwest Corporation (Nasdaq:CSWC), announced the acquisition by its ShockWatch division of ShockLog Impact and Environmental Recorders from The IMC Group, a manufacturer of electronic and mechanical instrumentation headquartered in Letchworth, United Kingdom. Terms of the transaction, which was completed on December 31, … read more /

ShockWatch Appoints Larry Zaiter as Cold Chain National Sales Manager

Larry Zaiter was promoted to ShockWatch Cold Chain National Sales Manager effective January 1, 2014.  Since joining the ShockWatch sales team in January 2008, he has served as a Regional Sales Manager promoting Impact, Tilt and Temperature product lines.  Larry successfully implemented new ShockWatch Damage Prevention Programs in retail and … read more /

Blood Bag Temperature Indicators: Validated Coolers’ Plan B

Proving blood is safe is the purpose of every regulation relating to the blood supply. Storing blood in validated refrigerators and coolers and regular temperature monitoring is a good first step. But every Plan A needs a strong Plan B. That’s why, even with validated equipment, temperature indicators are needed. … read more /

Cold Chain Specialist Calls for Visible Temperature Indicators

Specialty pharmacies have an acute need for visual temperature indicators on packages they ship, according to a recent study by pharmaceutical logistics specialist Modality Solutions. The reasons are evident: Specialty medications typically require controlled temperatures. They may be shipped directly to patients. Packaging doesn’t adequately maintain temperature. When Modality Solutions … read more /

New ShockWatch Software Tracks and Analyzes Cold Chain Performance

ShockWatch, a leader in supply chain monitoring, introduced the web-hosted TrekView Data Management System (DMS) to make monitoring of temperature-sensitive products easier than ever. As a cloud-based application, the TrekView DMS puts actionable intelligence at supply chain managers’ fingertips, wherever they are. “If they can access the Internet, they can … read more /

New ShockWatch Blood Temp Indicator Assures Blood Supply Safety and Reduces Waste

The global blood supply can become safer and more reliable when individual units of blood are monitored by the new ShockWatch Blood Temp indicator. Monitoring individual units of blood for temperature excursions helps hospitals and blood banks reduce costs and liability by identifying units that have experienced temperature excursions before … read more /

FDA Proposes Safety Plan for Imported Foods

Temperature control is one element of a robust plan. Food importers will be required to develop a plan to verify the safety of foods purchased from foreign suppliers, if the rule proposed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in July is implemented. This new prong of the Food Safety … read more /

Videos Document Cargo-Handling Negligence

Cargo handling can get rough. Accidents happen and people make mistakes but, sometimes, the magnitude of the slip-ups is simply jaw-dropping. This video of cargo handlers at China’s Guangzhou airport is one of those. With 3.23 million views and climbing, it’s a mesmerizing example of willful incompetence. In the four-minute … read more /

Does Your Food Sizzle Before it’s Grilled?

With summer temperatures in the 90s across much of the U.S., food suppliers may find their products experience high heat long before they reach the grill. When the Indiana State Police checked the refrigerated trucks traveling its highways last summer, the results were frightening. Too often, especially with small operators, … read more /