About ShockWatch

More than 35 years ago, ShockWatch turned a simple idea into a global resource. The company’s first proprietary indicators and condition-based monitoring devices were used to detect mishandling of sensitive computer media in transit. We found this simple concept so effective that the product was leveraged into new markets and additional technology was developed for many other applications.

ShockWatch, a division of the MRI family, evolved with each new innovation. Our expert resources help customers around the globe find the right solutions to deter mishandling and reduce costs.

Innovative products and responsive service are the hallmarks of the MRI family of companies: ShockWatch and DataSpan. From small businesses to multi-national companies — including two-thirds of the Fortune 100 and more than half of the Fortune 1000 — we are dedicated to helping our customers achieve new levels of efficiency, quality, and safety.

Founded: 1974
Headquarters: Dallas, Texas
Manufacturing: Graham, Texas
Employees: 75
Distribution: 150 partners in over 60 countries
Solutions: Shipping indicators & recorders covering major environmental conditions: impact, tilt, temperature, vibration & pressure

The History of MRI

Media Recovery was organized and financed in November 1974 by Robert C. Foley and several investors in Graham, Texas. The Company’s charter included a dedication to assist data centers in optimizing the use of magnetic tape and printer ribbons through recycling. By providing services such as tape recertification, ribbon reinking, remanufactured tape, and ribbon manufacturing, Media Recovery generated significant savings for its customers.

Initially operating from an 800-square-foot facility in Dallas, Media Recovery’s revenue has grown to more than $140 million today. Our customers include such companies as Pfizer, Kmart, JPMorgan Chase, Gap Inc., EDS, ExxonMobil Oil, The Limited, Fidelity Investments, Gateway, Sprint, SBC, Verizon, Dreamworks and IBM. We are a leading distributor of high-quality products from leading edge manufacturers such as Imation, Fujifilm, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, APC, Avocent, Constant Technology, and Overland Storage. Additionally, Media Recovery offers a wide variety of Datacenter services, including data library relocations and audits, Datacenter cleaning, and tape duplication/migration. With five distribution centers and a direct sales force of more than 50 professionals, we offer our customers competitive pricing and outstanding personal service.

In 1976, the ShockWatch division was formed. Based on the principle of surface tension, Ray Rubey designed ShockWatch tubes to detect possible damage to computer media. ShockWatch has expanded beyond its origins to include temperature sensors, tilt indicators, and other condition-based monitoring devices capable of recording impact information — such as acceleration, time, and direction. Today, ShockWatch products are sold worldwide by a direct sales staff and an extensive network of distributors in the USA and in more than 60 countries.

In 2008, Media Recovery changed its name to DataSpan, to better reflect its focus and history of innovation and expertise in how companies store, access, and protect their data.

Now organized and operating corporately as MRI, the company’s two divisions — DataSpan and ShockWatch — employ more than 150 dedicated professionals committed to providing unparalleled service to customers worldwide.

Find out more about ShockWatch’s history, the evolution of our condition-based monitoring devices, and how our professionals can tailor shipping and handling solutions to match your needs by contacting us.